Gardening Is My Peace

My love of plants is long going. My Nana taught me a love of plants. That woman could grow any type of plant and she had a variety of plants. The most amazing thing is that she talked to them and never used a chemical on them.   Plants and flowers give me a sense of  peace and I am excited to learn about the thousands of the varieties in the world. I don’t have a large yarn but I do have a patio space with lots of flowers pots,tables and window boxes. Join me as I share my journey with plants and flowers of what works, how I nurture them and place them in my life.

My  “magic” midst  plant bottle

Wave petunias in a flower box


“I am not a greedy person except about flowers and plants,
and then I become fanatically greedy.” ~ May Sarton

                  Happy Gardening


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