Poinsettas and Cypress

Oh winter and plants. It does slow the growth down and you don’t have to water as much but for me it is a challenge to make sure there is enough warmth for them and moisture. My son greeted me at the door with the look of “You’re kidding right,so where do you actually plan to put those? I am happy to report all three are quite comfortable.

My new poinsettia

Love, Love poinsettias. I remember the full, sturdy Poinsettia that my grandmother owned. Not using an ounce of “plant food. For some reason this year it seems the colors of the poinsettias I saw were more of pinkish color not the red. By now several of the pinkish leaves have dropped off and I see the tiny buds of new leaves breaking through. I don’t keep them in direct light but I mist them twice daily. The house heat causes them to dry out more. Of course I only water from the bottom about a 1/4 cup once a week. Even though I let my water sit out for awhile its cold so each night I sit the water container on the hood of the stove so by morning the water is at a nice tepid temperature. It has opened up quite a bit. Listening to a gardener on television she state contrary to popular believe poinsettia are NOT poisonous. Of course they are not meant to be consumed but if they are they cause a lot of vomiting not death.

European Cypress tree

So excited about something type of plant (well tree) that I added to my plant collection. I found a European Cypress measuring 16 inches tall which can grow up to 15 feet tall and up to 5 ft wide. I will be pruning them. I even bought a tiny one as well. I am able to keep this one on the window sill but it drinks water quickly. I believe for two reasons: the house heat and smaller part.

Cypress de Lawson/ European Tree

I watched the store for the mark downs and on Xmas Eve I bought all three. (Who else was going to take them home?) Can’t wait to place them in the larger flower pots for the Spring weather.

Next post: Comparison photos of my plants from last year to the summer.


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