Nature’s Night lights and Brush stroke

I call the two photos of the fire glow sky a night lamp for my plants.

It as been quite different for the weather here in Maryland. Brought back to mind the poem “Rain,Rain” and I did want it to go away. My plants thoroughly enjoyed it. The warm mist and humidity caused them to grow even more. With the hurricane passed and then the cooler weather with rain came the following sites. I enjoy sitting outside when the evening permits. Take a look at the sky which I believe to be one of The Creator’s best projects. There was actually a reddish-orange tint mixed in with the blue. Beautiful huh! Just as quickly as this photo was taken 10 minutes later it changed into the sky below. It was a gentle wind too that pushed the clouds into the very fluffy shapes.

I was on my way to the store on a Friday evening and as I looked up caught this spectacular image A RAINBOW. I actually ran all the way back home to get my camera and boy was it worth it. The last time I actually remember seeing a rainbow of this magnitude was as a little girl. Yes that long. The Creator’s promise of things to come.

Maryland rainbow

I am so truly thankful that I had a chance to witness this magnificence!!   The sky remained  bright for all of 15 – 20 minutes. Everyone outside seemed to stop and look at it and didn’t say a word just looked. Ahhh rainbows bring Peace.

No wonder I love nature so much. Must be the “country-girl” part of me.

Next Up: My Fall garden.


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