Wrapping up the Summer

I am really near tears – summer is closing up. I LOVE the summer for being outdoors, the heat   and humidity love my skin and hair and last but not least my plants grow and grow and grow. Now the summer sun and heat are not without providing extra care….regulary misting, and/or standing my pants on stones w/alittle water. Moving some to the sun. Now my petunias absolutely loved the sun. Then when it rained wow you would think it was a whole new plant. If it is one sure thing I know about plants is nothing is better for it than the rain. Instant vitamin.

My Wave petunias

  Just home from the store.

In my overstock pot find.

Enjoying the sun.

I had heard so much about the Wave petunia. Hardy and drought resistant. For my experience maybe if they are grown in the shade but in the full sun on a patio I kept them misted twice daily and watered fully about every day or every other day.

My Marigolds

Tiny flower and really strong. Maryland got in the 100’s a couple of weeks and I was so busy tending to my other plants almost forgot about these little guys. The soil was almost dry and they were still standing strong and steady. Ummm I think I’m like this plant!

This week has been overcast and in the high 70’s but lower 60’s at night. The marigolds still have buds that haven’t opened yet. They should go all the way thru September.

NEXT UP: New additions to my plant family and end of the season plant goodies I found.


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