From plants to summer flowers

Oriental Totem Pole Plants

When I don’t have my crochet hook in my hand I have soil,plants or a watering can keeping me busy. The other obsession PLANTS.  I do believe I have a green thumb but I also believe that nature does most of the work along with  my secret weapon *** I talk to my plants.  Reguarly. My conversation with them is good talk, how fast and wonderful they are growing.  I also  mist regularly and  use only water that has sat in the sun for at least 2 days.  Last year in February I acquired the two Oriental totem pole plants. Although they are of the same species they are so different. One log was wider and longer.   The first 3 months just required them being placed in 4 inches of water and in a warm and sunny location until spouts started breaking thru the wood.  Since it was winter then I worried alittle about the warmth but they can take the 55 degrees as the lowest temp (though not recommended).    After that time in the water I noticed spouts coming out. Excited I was. Its a peace to taking care of plants and my Nana taught me well.  After the 3 week period I planted them in soil and watered.  Now take a look at them:

      The  larger one and more spouts are growing out of the wood but at a slower pace now.

This is the smaller totem pole, I tend to talk to him more (just because he is smaller and needs the added attention) Smiles!!!!   I  have both of them outside now. They love the sun but do better with a water mist during the early morning or afternoon.

You can read where I got mine from and more facts here:
Hoping to add more of the exotic plants before the summer ends. I’d love to hear and see your unusal plants. Hope you share!

Until next time keep the Faith and happy planting.


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